Township Offices

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Most local governments establish planning commissions to oversee the development (or updating) of the master plan and later, the zoning ordinance.

Once established, the planning commission conducts public hearings and advises the township board on planning and zoning issues.

Zoning is governmental regulation of the use of land with primary goals to ensure the compatibility of land uses and prevent nuisances, protect natural resources, and protect property values.

Zoning implements a community’s master plan through the zoning ordinance, which divides the community into various districts or zones, and specifies the land uses, such as residential, commercial or industrial, that are authorized by right, permitted with conditions or prohibited within each zone.

Typical zoning regulations address the physical development of the township through such elements as land use, building height, bulk, lot area, setbacks, parking, signs and density.

The following Fredonia Township planning and zoning document(s) are available for download and review:

Township Zoning Ordinance