Government Transparency

Fredonia Township is committed to an open door approach to local government.  

Each township official and employee, serve the township in a part-time capacity.

The salary or wage, is listed for each township position.

Township Supervisor                                                        $  7,500/year

Township Clerk                                                                 $15,000/year                                    

Township Treasurer                                                          $15,000/year

Township Trustee (2 positions)                                        $ 85/meeting

Township Assessor                                                           $16,000/year

Property Canvassing                                              Up to $6,000/year

Township Fire Chief                                                           $5,400/year

Township Asst Fire Chief                                                   $4,200/year 

Township Fire Captain (3 positions)                                 $1,200/year

Township Fire Training Officer                                          $1,200/year

Township Firefighter                                                          $1,600/year


       *On average, per Firefighter

         Each firefighter receives the following per incident

         and training they respond to:


         $30 per fire incident (additional $30, if exceeds 2 hours)

         $15 per medical incident

         $30 per training session