Township of  Fredonia             Calhoun County, Michigan

Welcome to the Township of Fredonia! We are a zoned, general law township located in central Calhoun County, Michigan, with a population of 1723 people, over an area of 35 square miles.
​Within our township, you will encounter a beautiful, rural setting of single family homes and family farms, intermingled among our many lakes and streams. Being located on the outskirts of Marshall, with easy access to I-69 and I-94, Fredonia Township is a great place to enjoy country living and raise a family!
From a historic perspective, the name Fredonia most likely came from the State of New York with some of our early settlers.  The name Fredonia was originated by Dr. Samuel Latham Mitchil, who served both as United States Senator and Representative from the State of New York. He first coined the word shortly after 1800 from the English word freedom with a Latin ending, with an idea of its meaning "place of freedom." Mitchill proposed it as a name for the United States, but it was never seriously considered.
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